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Bulvar Loft Ankara

The Bulvar Loft project, made with the investment of Akfen Construction and Iller Bank partnership and Dost Construction contracting, consists of a total of 822 residences in 6 blocks on a Decile of 37 thousand square meters in Ankara Incek. A Design Architecture, Ali üzman Öztürk signed the project as 1 + 1 and 5 + 1 in 16 different types and apartment sizes ranging from 66 to 350 square meters Dec. Bulvar Loft, built on the axis where the çayyolu settlement, where the residential texture is dense in the western region of Ankara, connects to Incek Boulevard, aims to become a new center with its mixed use. Kleidco systems have been the reason of preference in the project due to their high performance values. The project, the implementation of which is carried out by Başkent Aluminum, Akiş Aluminum and Alumen Construction Systems, includes the FS50 facade system and ICON70 door-window systems from Kleidco series.

The systems used are


Akfen Construction & Iller Bank


A Design Architecture - Ali üzman Öztürk


Akiş - Başkent - Alumen Yap