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World-Class Aluminum System Solutions.

Kleidco takes each of your projects one step further with its aesthetic and durable aluminum system products in accordance with international quality norms.

Preferred Quality in 72 Countries:

Kleidco has carried out numerous successful projects in the international arena in the field of aluminum facade joinery, window and door systems. With its 43 years of experience, it has aimed at architectural excellence by combining aesthetics and functionality in the projects it has realized all over the world.


World-Class Aluminum Excellence

In cooperation with global consulting firms, Kleidco meticulously designs and manufactures aluminum systems in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Kleidco follows the innovations in the sector by carrying out product design in partnership with world-renowned consulting firms. Each product reaches perfection by going through a detailed process from design to final production.
Our products are the product of a long and careful work process from the design stage to finishing. With ACCREDITED test results, the quality and durability of our products are confirmed.

Kleidco manufactures all its products in accordance with QUALICOAT and QUALANOD surface treatment certificates.
Compliance with TSE and ISO norms is an indicator of the quality of our products and reflects our commitment to providing the best to our customers.


Aluminum Solutions for a Sustainable Future

KLEIDCO not only provides quality aluminum solutions, but also embraces the mission of improving energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint. We contribute to a sustainable future with our door, window, sliding and façade systems that minimize environmental impact by providing low heat conduction. In addition, all of our products have the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate required by prestigious green building assessment systems such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and ÇEDBİK, which confirms our commitment to sustainability at international standards.


Kleidco's Core Values: Trust, Sustainability and Innovation

With 43 years of experience, Kleidco plays a leading role in the industry and conducts its business based on unshakable principles, beliefs and philosophies.

With 43 years of experience, Kleidco maintains its leadership in the sector and has gained customer trust with long-term collaborations.

Acting with the mission of reducing its carbon footprint, Kleidco confirms its environmental responsibility in international standards with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

With continuous research and development activities for the needs of customers and projects, Kleidco closely follows the innovations in the sector and offers pioneering solutions.
Original Reflection of Your Project
Aesthetics, Functionality and Quality Together

KLEIDCO adopts the concept of 'custom design' with the awareness that every project is unique. The products, which are detailed specifically for the project with dynamic designs, emphasize aesthetics with their enlarged glass surfaces by reducing the thickness of the profile, while guaranteeing durability with high air and water impermeability values. Innovative solutions offered with special R&D studies offer architects design freedom with maximum wing height and width. All these customized solutions and systems come with KLEIDCO's quality guarantee, supporting you at every stage of your project.


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