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Facade Systems

FS 50

FS 50 is a smart design aluminium curtain walling system that meets the demands of the new generation of contemporary building construction and architecture. FS 50 can be used multifunctionally in combination with other KLEIDCO products and offers a complete façade solution to meet your needs and requirements.

The KLEIDCO facade system FS 50 offers a high degree of flexibility, unlimited design freedom and allows for maximum transparency and attractive design options for facades and skylights. KLEIDCO also includes technical support for the optimisation of the production and application processes as part of its service.

The FS 50 façade system meets all the requirements of contemporary architecture with regard to energy performance, KLEIDCO systems have guaranteed their quality with their airtightness, water tightness, wind load and Uw performances.

Technical Specifications

Visible Width50 mm
Vertical Carrier Profile Depth18 – 240 mm
Vertical Carrier Profile Inertia Value (lx)36 cm4 – 1.444,02 cm4
Vertical Carrier Profile Inertia Value (ly)4,65 cm4 – 78,1 cm4
Horizontal Carrier Profile Depth23 – 245 mm
Horizontal Carrier Profile Inertia Value (lx)8,94 cm4 – 1.226,55 cm4
Horizontal Carrier Profile Inertia Value (ly)4,06 cm4 – 82,36 cm4
Minimum Wing Length650 mm x 1200 mm
Maximum Wing Length1800 mm x 2000 mm
Maximum Wing Weight130 Kg

Performance Values

TS EN 12152Air ImpermeabilityA4 – 600 Pa
TS EN 12154Water TightnessRE 750 – 750 Pa
TS EN 13830Wind Load Resistance1600 Pa
TS EN 13830Increased Wind Resistance2400 Pa
TS EN 14019Impact ResistanceE5 – 475 Joule
EN 10.077-2Thermal InsulationUw: 0,74 W/m².K

Performance Graph

This calculation is based on a glass filling value of 0.60 W/m2.K Ug.

System Options