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Sliding Systems

Unique Slide MS

The system features a low threshold profile, standing at just 21.5 mm in height, allowing users comfortable passage on the ground outside. With a frame width of 46 mm, the system allows the use of glass up to 40 mm in width in the sash. With a frame profile of only 25 mm that can be folded at a 90-degree angle, the system provides a minimal profile appearance while also being one of the successful Lift & Slide sliding systems in the industry. Designed with the principle of minimum profile usage and easy manufacturing and assembly opportunities, the Unique Slide sliding system maintains its distinct position among industry competitors with its innovations. It offers users a narrow sash option with alternative profiles having a visible width of 50 mm, providing maximum panoramic views. With its 18 mm polyamide barrier structure and EPDM gaskets, it offers superior thermal performance. Its Euro-Groove channel structure is compatible with various brands and types of opening accessories. The system allows for multi-point locking.

Teknik Özellikler

Sistemin Görünür GenişliğiYan Kasa22 mm
Üst Kasa46 mm
Alt Kasa45 mm
Kanat98 mm
Kenet Görünür Yüzeyi101-50 mm
Sistemin Kasa DerinliğiTek Ray140 mm
Sistemin Kanat Derinliği56 mm
Cam KalınlığıKasa42 mm’ye Kadar
Isı YalıtımıKasa15 mm (Polyamid)
Kanat18 mm (Polyamid)
Maksimum Kanat Ağırlığı300-400kg
Maksimum Kanat Yüksekliği3300 mm


Performans Değerleri

Performans KriteriTest StandartlarıSınıflandırma
Hava GeçirimsizlikTS EN 12207 Class 4 – 600 Pa
Su SızdırmazlıkTS EN 12208E 900 – 900Pa
Rüzgar Yükü DayanımıTS EN 12210B5 (2000 Pa)
Güvenlik Yüküne DayanımTS EN 122103000 Pa
Termal Isı YalıtımıEN 10.077-2Npa
Akustik Performans DeğeriEN 717-1Npa
Hırsızlığa Karşı DayanımTS EN 1627-1630RC1/RC2


Isı Grafiği

Bu hesaplama 1,0W/m2.K Ug cam dolgu değerine göre hesaplanmıştır.

Sistem Opsiyonları