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Icon 84

ICON 84 is a new generation and high-performance window and door system with an 84 mm case that combines power, insulation, energy efficiency and aesthetics, designed to adapt to harsh climatic conditions.

The ICON 84 system is KLEIDCO's recommendation for advanced insulated systems with its unique design containing polyamide thermal insulation and special foam to achieve high performance values in terms of Uf.

The ICON 84 combines efficient solutions for a wide range of functional, architectural and energy requirements in a single system Decoupled. It is the most ideal solution with its high performance, ultra insulation values and first-class aluminum architecture. As a result of its high-level insulation characteristic, the ICON 84 reduces the energy use in your home.

Technical Specifications

Apparent Width (Fixed)50 – 66 mm
Apparent Width (Wing)42 – 63 mm
Thickness of the System (Constant)84 mm
Thickness of the System (Wing)93 mm
Reinforced Medium Recording Depth159 mm
Reinforced Middle Register Moment of Inertia (lx)up to 202,44 cm4
Reinforced Middle Register Moment of Inertia (ly)up to 44,58 cm4
Glass Thickness30 x 60 mm
Minimum Wing Length350 mm x 700 mm
Maximum Wing Length1700 mm x 2800 mm
Heat Barrier Thickness48 mm
Maximum Wing Weight180 Kg

Performance Values​

TS EN 12207Air ImpermeabilityNA
TS EN 12208Water SealingNA
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceNA
TS EN 12210Increased Wind ResistanceNA
EN 10.077-2Thermal Thermal InsulationUw: 0,79 W/m².K

Heat Graph

This calculation is 0.60 W/m2.K Ug is calculated according to the glass filling value.

System Options