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Facade Systems

FS 60 Add On

Steel or wooden substructure can be used together with the FS 60 Add-on system, and it also offers larger transparent areas, providing a complete facade solution for demanding architectural projects.

The FS 60 Add-on system provides aesthetic and structural advantages for the design of facades in buildings and offers a unique external appearance for facades.

The FS 60 Add-on facade system meets all different architectural requirements in terms of performance characteristics and design advantages. The KLEIDCO FS 60 Add-on system also allows the use of different substructure materials to achieve the desired strength against external loads.

Technical Specifications

The Apparent Width60 mm
Vertical Carrier Profile Depth7 mm
Horizontal Carrier Profile Depth7 mm
Minimum Glass Thickness35 mm
Maximum Glass Thickness39 mm

Performance Values

TS EN 12152Air ImpermeabilityNA
TS EN 12154Water SealingNA
TS EN 13830Wind Load ResistanceNA
TS EN 13830Increased Wind ResistanceNA

Performance Graph

This calculation is 1.0W/m2.K Ug is calculated according to the glass filling value.

System Options