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Jawahir Dijlah Compound (JDC)

Jawahir Dijlah Compund (JDC) project is being implemented by Detay Yapı as the largest and most complex project of the region with a land area of 315,000 m2 in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. In the JDC project, which was implemented by Detay Yapı as the largest and most used project in Baghdad, residential, commercial units, education, entertainment and health buildings are located in a total of 15 tower structures. The project designed by Manhal Al Habbobi Architect, who has signed numerous projects in different geographies of the world, will take place as an iconic symbol of Baghdad with both its architecture and the first-class materials to be used. ICüN70 door-window system has been preferred in the project, which will be implemented with the details specially designed by Kleidco for architectural aluminum systems and manufacturing and installation works will be carried out by Thermal Aluminum.

The systems used are


Detail Structure


Manhal Al Habbobi Architect


Thermal Aluminum