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Avcılar Effect

The Avcılar Effect project, built by Avcılar Construction in Izmir, is being implemented with Epig Architecture design. The adaptation of aluminum systems to the project will be carried out by Efor Aluminum, one of our dealers who implement the project, and the ST 91 series of our sliding systems have been made with project-specific details.the project, which includes a 600-person conference hall equipped with the latest technologies that can host international conferences and meetings, as well as educational areas in 6 blocks, a 500-person student dormitory and lodgings, has a 215-meter front view. The structure in which the FS50 facade and BASIC60 door-window systems from KLEIDCO products will be located has also made the project application of aluminum systems Thermal Aluminum from our dealers. In the project, the FS50 facade system from Kleidco systems was applied by Günpen Alüminyum, one of the implementing dealers. The foundation of Kayseri Integrated Health Campus, which has a capacity of 1587 beds, an indoor area of about 385,000m2 and an outdoor area of 800,000m2, which will be started in Kayseri, was founded on September 10, 2011 by YDA Inşaat Sanayi Ticaret A.Sh. and the Italian INSu System Thu Le InfrastruttureSociali S.P.It was launched by ATM Sağlık Kayseri, which is a business partnership. The aluminum systems application of the project designed by MKN architecture and implemented by Yükselen Construction is made by Özko Aluminum, one of our dealers. Kleidco systems have been the reason of preference in the project due to their high performance values. The project, which will include the FS50 facade and Icon70 door-window systems, was completed in 2020.

The systems used are


Hunters Construction


Epig Architecture - Semiha Güneş


Effort Aluminum