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Icon 70 D

The ICON 70D door series is the most suitable solution for the entrances of your building, ideal for emergency exit doors, but also offers a suitable solution for general use building entrance-exit doors. The system offers different solutions and alternatives with various threshold options.

The ICON 70D door system is reinforced with polyamide thermal insulation to provide high insulation and better system performance.

with a case depth of 70 mm, the ICON 70D enhances the aesthetic design of the system, which is available for both internal and external openings, making the desired both face design November appearance possible for projects. Thanks to its special design, the end dimensions of heavy duty doors become standard.

Technical Specifications

Apparent Width (Fixed)68 mm
Apparent Width (Wing)64 mm
Thickness of the System (Constant)70 mm
Thickness of the System (Wing)70 mm
Glass Thickness16 – 52 mm
Maximum Wing Length900 mm x 3500 mm
Heat Barrier Thickness18 mm

Performance Values

TS EN 12207Air ImpermeabilityNA
TS EN 12208Water SealingNA
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceNA
TS EN 12210Increased Wind ResistanceNA

Performance Graph

This calculation is 1.0W/m2.K Ug is calculated according to the glass filling value.

System Options