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Facade Systems

USG 80

USG 80 is a specially innovative facade system, adapted for high-rise skyscrapers. This system is completely produced at the facility and its application is completed in a shorter time without using the building scaffolding.

The USG 80 unit facade system, which has high performance and seismic resistance characteristics, is specially designed according to the project. For this system, all manufacturing, including glass, is done in the factory with high-quality workmanship. Installation is done easily and quickly without scaffolding.

The 3-layer seal structure between the modules provides tolerance range and high performance characteristics in seismic movements.Decemberization of the gasket between the modules.decemberization of the gasket between the modules.Decembers. In standard curtain wall systems, Structural Glass & Two-Sided & Clamshell alternatives are also available in unit facade systems. All kinds of wing spans; parallel and standard wing spans, reverse facade spans are available on the open unit facade.

Technical Specifications

The Apparent Width83 mm
Vertical Carrier Profile Depth160 mm
Split Carrier Profile Inertial Value (lx)315,45 cm4
Split Carrier Profile Inertial Value (ly)11,61 cm4
Split Profile Depth160 mm
Glass Thickness34 mm

Performance Values

TS EN 12152Air ImpermeabilityAE
TS EN 12154Water SealingRE 900 – 900 Pa
TS EN 13116Wind Load Resistance3000 Pa
EN 10.077-2Thermal Thermal InsulationUw: 0,89 W/m².K

Performance Graph

This calculation is 0.60 W/m2.K Ug is calculated according to the glass filling value.

System Options