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Sliding Systems

Smart Slide

This system combines the blending of the sliding system and the window system, as well as efficiency and aesthetics. It provides the space saving advantage of a sliding system and the high performance characteristics of a window at the same time.

Its excellent values of exceptional air permeability, high water tightness and wind load resistance make the SMART SLIDE an ideal system to be used in high-rise projects.

Thanks to its EPDM sealed design, the SMART SLIDE is used in tests conducted in accredited test laboratories according to European Norms

It has the best water tightness test result up to E1500/1500 Pa. The system also allows for multiple locking mechanisms.

Technical Specifications

Frame Depth155 mm
Apparent Width (Fixed)80 mm
Apparent Width (Wing)105 mm
Wing Depth72 mm
The Depth of The Clamp154 mm
Minimum Glass Thickness18 mm
Maximum Glass Thickness52 mm
Minimum Wing Length500 mm x 1200 mm
Maximum Wing Length1500 mm x 2500 mm
Heat Barrier Thickness25 – 34 mm
Maximum Wing Weight250 Kg

Performance Values

TS EN 12207Air ImpermeabilityClass 4 – 600 Pa
TS EN 12208Water SealingE 1500 – 1500 Pa
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceC5 (2000 Pa)
TS EN 12210Increased Wind Resistance3000 Pa
EN 10.077-2Thermal Thermal InsulationUw: 1,07 W/m².K

Performance Graph

This calculation is 0.60 W/m2.K Ug is calculated according to the glass filling value.

System Options