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Facade Systems

Sky 52 – 90

The skylight system consists of supporting aluminium profiles applied to a steel substructure for strength, with condensation channels for snow or water drainage.

The KLEIDCO Skylight system is connected to other KLEIDCO facade solutions and equipped with an effective drainage-ventilation system.

Furthermore, this system is designed to allow the realisation of complex architectural projects due to the availability of steel connections. KLEIDCO Skylight solutions are available in two variants: SKY52 - 90. Depending on the architectural requirements, this system can be selected as silicone, semi-capped or capped.

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications – Sky 52

Visible Width52 mm
Minimum Glass Thickness6 mm
Maximum Glass Thickness42 mm

Technical Specifications – Sky 90

Visible Width90 mm
Minimum Glass Thickness6 mm
Maximum Glass Thickness42 mm

Performance Values

TS EN 12152Air ImpermeabilityNA
TS EN 12154Water TightnessNA
TS EN 13830Wind Load ResistanceNA
TS EN 13830Increased Wind ResistanceNA

Performance Graph

This calculation was calculated according to 1.0W/m2.K Ug glass filling value.

System Options