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Sliding Systems

Prime Slide

In the Prime system, the side case and bottom case can be completely embedded into the floors. In this way, 20% more transparent area and view are provided compared to standard systems. The purpose of the Prime sliding system is to provide and connect the objective interaction between the indoor and outdoor environment. With the case being completely recessed into the ground, users are provided with a floor transition between inside and outside, and the sliding system is no longer an obstacle between indoor and outdoor space. With the steel bearings embedded in the case, it is possible to make wide and high sash up to 12 square meters. With its EPDM wick structure, air and water tightness and wind load resistance and thermal performance values are provided at a high level. The system allows to use glass up to 36 mm with its profiles with wall thicknesses between 1.8 mm and 2 mm.

Teknik Özellikler

Kenet Görünür Yüzeyi35 mm
Sistemin Kasa DerinliğiÇift Ray 145 mm
4 Ray301 mm
Sistemin Kanat Derinliği50 mm
Cam KalınlığıKasa36 mm’ye kadar
Isı Yalıtımı30 mm
Maksimum Kanat Ağırlığı700
Maksimum Kanat Yüksekliği4000 mm

Performans Değerleri

Performans KriteriTest StandartlarıSınıflandırma
Hava GeçirimsizlikTS EN 12207 Class 4 – 600 Pa
Su SızdırmazlıkTS EN 12208Sınıf 9A  – 600 Pa
Rüzgar Yükü DayanımıTS EN 122101000 Pa
Güvenlik Yüküne DayanımTS EN 122101500 Pa
Termal Isı YalıtımıEN 10.077-2Npa
Akustik Performans DeğeriEN 717-1Npa
Hırsızlığa Karşı DayanımTS EN 1627-1630RC1/RC2