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Icon 70 BV

Description The Canon 70BV is an innovative and high-performance window system that provides minimal profile visibility. Thanks to its special bonded design, the ICON 70BV gains a more aesthetic appearance.

The ICON 70BV system is KLEIDCO's proposal for advanced insulated systems that meet high standards in all developed Sundays and include a modern design for exterior architectural building elements that require thermal performance.

The ICON 70BV combines efficient solutions for architectural and Deconstruction requirements. It is the ideal solution for projects that require a first-class appearance.

Technical Specifications

Apparent Width (Fixed)74,4 mm
Thickness of the System (Constant)70 mm
Thickness of the System (Wing)79 mm
Glass Thickness16 – 52 mm
Heat Barrier Thickness20 – 34 mm

Performance Values

TS EN 12207Air ImpermeabilityNA
TS EN 12208Water SealingNA
TS EN 12210Wind Load ResistanceNA
TS EN 12210Increased Wind ResistanceNA

Performance Graph

This calculation is 1.0W/m2.K Ug is calculated according to the glass filling value.

System Options