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KLEIDCO Services: We Are With You Every Step Of The Step

KLEIDCO supports you with tailor-made solutions and training from the beginning to the end of your project, guaranteeing quality and excellence at every stage.

  • KLEIDCO offers aluminum system solutions designed specifically for your project and performs custom production for your specific needs.
  • In addition to new systems, it also develops special solutions for you to update existing systems.
  • With system and production trainings, it transfers KLEIDCO's experience and knowledge to you and supports you to achieve success in your projects.
  • It allows you to be prepared for the difficulties you may encounter in the field with assembly trainings.
  • With its after-sales supervisor support, it is with you at every stage of your project and offers fast and effective solutions to possible problems.
  • Guaranteeing quality and excellence at every step, KLEIDCO prioritizes the success of your projects.

The Architecture of the Future is Now With You With Kleidco

We know that architecture is not just about buildings; It's an art, a form of expression. As Kleidco, we perform this art at the highest level and offer you a living space, not just a building. We maintain our market leadership with our constantly evolving technological investments and our visionary approach that closely follows architectural trends. Build a future, not just a building, with Kleidco.