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KLEIDCO offers flexibility at every stage of architectural projects. With its modular structures and adaptive systems, it responds quickly to spatial challenges, thus perfectly adapting to the dynamic needs of projects.

KLEIDCO's products add an aesthetic touch to spaces with their minimalist lines and sophisticated details. Each design sublimates the character of the space and offers a visual feast.

KLEIDCO is known for its durability and longevity. With high quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, each product withstands harsh climatic conditions and mechanical loads.

KLEIDCO closely follows the innovations in the sector and continuously offers pioneering solutions through R&D studies. With its smart technologies and sustainable approaches, it turns the vision of architects into reality.

KLEIDCO offers the most ideal system solutions for your buildings with carefully designed door and window systems in its wide product range. The primary criterion in the systems is to combine the new generation design approach that responds to the requirements of the modern age with a perfect combination of functionality.

KLEIDCO sliding systems combine aesthetic design with minimum profile appearance. In our systems designed with a new generation design approach, conventional sliders and HBSB sliding systems moving with lift-and-slide mechanism are among the most ideal solutions for projects. New generation smart sliding systems provide high heat, sound and water insulation and high performance values.

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KLEIDCO facade systems are among the most desired building elements of the projects with their flapped, half flapped and structural silicone-looking versions that can meet the architectural requirements at the maximum level.